Как прошёл наш Fedora 21 Release Party

Вот и закончился замечательный день в ходе которого были получены отзывы, рассказано много нового и выпито много пива.



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Fedora 21 - New Features
DNF - Package manager from future
AppStream - Description for all distros

With the recent decision to have different suites (Cloud, Server and
Workstation) targeting specific consumer categories Fedora is
increasingly trying to reach out all its user base crafting a product
that accomodates a plethora of users with completely different needs:
from enthusiasts and fans to system administrators who daily deploy
Fedora on their organizations and companies. Among all I would like to
congratulate with the GNOME Project for the huge amount of work it's
been done which makes Fedora 21 and its Workstation one of the
greatest releases ever. GNOME 3.14 brings in a lot of new features, a
completely polished desktop and user experience which again confirms
how successful its design have been. From the early critics when GNOME
3 was launched to the infinite number of praises we currently receive
we are so glad GNOME 3 is being such a beloved desktop environment
today. What makes us even more delighted is the fact our product
powers the desktop of millions users running Fedora daily around the
world. Users - for us - come first, always.

Andrea Veri,
    GNOME Foundation Board of Directors Secretary
    GNOME Sysadmin Team Coordinator
    Fedora Sysadmin and Packager

Всем спасибо!